Auto Body Repair

We work with all insurance companies to insure that your car is repaired the correct way. The initial part of the repair is removing the damaged parts to uncover any hidden damage and add that to the initial estimate. Once the additional parts and repairs have been approved by the insurance company, our technicians get to work. Our team has years of experience with Frame Repair, Body Repair, Welding and Plastic Repair and can get your car looking like factory again. 

Cars are being made with lighter materials and the panels are thinner than they were years ago. Sometimes it is easier, faster and less expensive to replace the panel instead of repairing it. The damage may seem minor but the cost of replacing the panel may be less then repairing it. There are other things to consider before replacing a panel. Each time a panel is replaced the panel next to it needs to be prepared for a color blend in order to insure a proper color match.  We can go over all of the options with you to be able to help you get your car looking exactly how you want it!